Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for 2017


roducts containing ingredients that increase blood flow to the skin creating a tingling sensation. The purpose of the product is to accelerate the tanning process. During the first few sessions, you may experience a burning sensation on your skin for the first few minutes. The intensity will gradually decrease during the session and with subsequent sessions becoming less intense. Your skin may be red after tanning with an accelerator and stay red for several hours. Gradually, over the few hours, you will notice a nice tan shade replacing the red. Some products produce more “heat” than others. Some people tolerate the burning sensation very well but others do not. You will have to experiment to find what level of tingle, if any, your are comfortable with.

These products generally contain DHA that works with the skin to produce a golden tan

These products generally contain DHA that works with the skin to produce a golden tan. They work best when used over a base tan. Bronzers help darken a tan and add a glow to the color. The process of tan darkening will continue after you leave the tanning salon. The better quality the bronzer is the better the result. Bronzers contain skin conditioners so the skin is left soft and smooth after tanning. Keeping the skin supple is important to maintain the appearance of a smooth even color. Bronzers require experimentation similar to a tingle lotion. Skin chemistry and pigment is different for everyone. How your skin reacts to bronzers may be different than the person in the tanning bed next to you. Patch tests will lead you to the right product for you. Patch tests will also save you a lot of grief from streaks, skin rashes and painful burns.

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